Why Roman Shower?

The Space Saving Solution

Everyone is living in smaller spaces these days. Homes, units and apartments are shrinking in size as rising costs putting pressure on living spaces.

Currently the only solutions to the problem of shrinking living space are:

  • Shower with no bath – unsuitable for families with children. No bath can lead to lower property resale values.
  • Shower over bath combination – constantly stepping over the bath sides is unsafe and a nuisance, plus the shower area is generally narrow, confined and slippery.
  • Small shower, separate bath – the area you use the most, the shower, is cramped, while the larger bath area is rarely used.

The Roman Shower is the solution to all the above problems.

It is a spacious, luxurious walk-in shower, with no visible bath present. Yet when needed it easily converts to a comfortable Roman-style bath.

The space saving of not requiring a separate bath allows this space to be used for other bathroom features such as more vanity space, double basins or extra storage.

The Roman Shower is:

  • elegant and clever in design
  • luxurious and comfortable
  • space saving
  • user-friendly and practical
  • safe and ergonomic
  • cost effective

Design Options

You can also customise your Roman Shower installation with various design options to suit your taste and comfort preferences.

These options can include:

  • coloured, printed or textured panels on the floor and walls of the shower area
  • a padded back rest or seat to lie on while in the bath
  • coloured or silver shower frame
  • transparent, frosted or colored glass shower screen and door for privacy and effects
  • LED colored lights in the walls to light up the bathing area
  • spa jets in the walls for additional comfort.