Installation Guide

The Roman Shower complies with all current building and technology standards and utilises existing materials, manufacturing methods and installation processes. Therefore anyone installing it does not have to modify standard practices.

The Roman Shower can be retrofitted as part of renovations to an existing premises or installed into new premises, whether residential or commercial.

Detailed technical drawings, specifications and installation procedures can be supplied on request. Standard sizes and stalls for assembly can be provided for ease of installation.

Example installation

1. Preparation

Remove the existing shower/bath or provide a new installation space. Your Roman Shower doesn’t have to be installed into the end bathroom niche as shown above. You can choose any suitable space and vary the installation to suit.

Next, prepare the walls and floor for installation.
The floor and walls can be concrete. Or you can have a stud wall with a joist in located under the floor and wall coverings to support the Roman Shower frame.

The walls require the appropriate wet-room coverings, in this case cement sheeting

2. Frame installation

Install the Roman Shower frame securely, fastening it using mechanical fixings and chemical bonding to the floor and walls. It can be installed at varying distances from the back wall. (Recommended 850 mm)

Waterproof the wet area, either with a waterproof membrane (as shown) or an appropriate waterproof base and wall sheet coverings.

Tile, glass and finishing

Screed the wet area floor to create fall and a solid base to lay the shower and bath

coverings; or apply a pre-moulded base for the wet area.

Apply coverings such as tiles, glass or plastic panels.

Finish by attaching the toughened glass shower screen and bath door in your choice of clear, patterned, coloured or frosted glass.


Commercial applications

The Roman Shower has widespread commercial application for industry, property developers, hoteliers, builders, tradesmen, real estate agents and aged-care providers.

Its simple, elegant and practical design gives it tremendous commercial value.

Importantly the Roman Shower costs only a little more than a stand-alone shower but much less than a separate shower and a bath. Yet it provides all the benefits of a bath without the additional outlay.

The cost savings over a separate shower and bath installation are clear. The cost of a new build approximates $3000 per sq m (the size of a standard bath). The cost of the bath and its installation is usually around $1500. The cost of a walk-in shower is generally $1000. Making a grand total of $5,500.

At around $2000 (less for volume orders) the Roman Shower is a considerable cost saving for business and end-users.

The installation of the Roman Shower is straightforward as it uses existing materials and methods so the installer does not have to modify current trade practices. The flexibility of size, installation location, variety of finishes and fittings available, added to its considerable benefits, give it many benefits over existing offerings.

As an Australian innovation, the Roman Shower presents a real value proposition for the market and commercial opportunities worldwide. Design Enterprises is currently engaged in developing business partnerships to license the manufacture, distribution, sale and installation of the Roman Shower innovation worldwide. We can also deliver the Roman Shower directly to your property development or residence for installation, or to retail outlets for sale.

Please contact us to discuss the commercial opportunities available for your business or to purchase the Roman Shower™.