Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Roman Shower cost?
The price varies depending on delivery location and quantity per order. The cost is USD$2380 plus freight/delivery and local tax (if any). We offer trade discounts for volume orders

A Roman Shower is less expensive than buying and installing a walk-in shower with a separate bath. Yet it features high quality design features and is sturdily manufactured to hold the weight of the bath water.

Installation costs will vary depending on your tradesperson. You can personalise your Roman Shower with whatever bath fittings and tiles you wish.

What do I get with my Roman Shower?
Your Roman Shower comes complete with powder coated aluminium frame in your choice of pearl, silver or charcoal. (Optional custom colours available)

Included are the glass shower screen and door of 10mm toughened safety glass in either clear, patterned or frosted glass. (You may source your own glass if you wish, simply ask for the correct sizes).

Hinges and latch components in quality chrome-plated brass, as well as silicon door seals are supplied.

You choose your own tiles and bathroom fittings as you would for a normal shower wet area. You may wish to use larger tiles that are now commonly available, avoiding the need for grout joints.

You can also choose to install soft spa jets in the floor and walls of your Roman Shower and even waterproof LED lighting to light up the bath area in colour!

It’s all up to you!

What sizes are available?
Standard lengths for the Roman Shower are 1500mm, 1650mm and 1800mm. You can choose your own width from the back wall, however we recommend around 800-900mm. An ideal size is 850mm which provides for a spacious shower but not too wide a bath, ensuring not too much water is required to fill it. The recommended bath fill height is around 400-450mm deep.

The low angled shelf can be made to any width to suit your installation space.

Do you install?
Your Roman Shower comes complete with detailed instructions and is a simple job for any tradesperson who normally installs showers. We can recommend installers in some areas.
Is it easy to install?
Yes, we use standard trade practices and materials in the design and installation. The shower area is prepared as a normal shower but must be able to take the weight of the bath water. We recommend the walls and floor are pre prepared for this (i.e. closer wall studs and thicker wall lining). If the frame is installed against concrete or brick then chemical bonding and stainless steel dyna-bolts are used. If it is installed against a wooded frame floor and wall, then the floor joist and the wall studs must sit directly under the frame to be attached with stainless steel screws. The frame is installed first followed by the waterproofing, tiling and glazier.

You only need 2 walls to install the Roman Shower. You do not need a wall where the low angled shelf is as this can be the bath hob and then build other items next to the low wall such as vanity or toilet.

Where is it designed and made?
The Roman Shower was designed in Australia using quality industrial designers. Years of Research & Development went into making sure it is elegantly design, structurally engineered and simple to install using existing materials and trade practices.

It is manufactured in China to exacting standards then shipped directly to site or to retail outlets in some areas.

How do I order?
Simply complete your online order at

We ship the 2 crates directly to your site address for installation.

Please allow up to 75 days from order to delivery, which will give your tradespeople adequate time to prepare the shower area for installation.

Is the Roman Shower really watertight?
Yes, the door is firmly latched when you close it and sealed against a high-quality silicon extruded seal. (These have been in use for decades and have a minimum life expectancy of at least 20 years.) The pressure of the water pushing against the door helps keep the door even more watertight and ensures you cannot accidentally open the door when the bath is full.

Standard waterproofing membranes are used inside and out of the shower area. An extra membrane coat at bath level is recommended. Waterproof membranes have been on the market for many years and are guaranteed by the manufacturers.

What happens if I open the door?
Generally the pressure of the water in the bath makes it almost impossible to open the door. If you have not secured the latch fully, a slight leak may occur at the bottom of the door however this would flow into the drain opening in the bathroom floor and would be no worse than if someone had left the tap on and the bath overflowed.
Is it comfortable?
Your Roman Shower provides a large luxurious shower space with easy walk-in access. The Roman-style bath, with its tiled floor, is as comfortable as any regular bath or outdoor tiled pool spa. Waterproof seats, headrests and under-tile heating are all optional extras.

Once you have filled the bath with warm water and lay back, your body becomes buoyant making you float slightly and adding to your comfort.

Is it easy to clean?
You clean a Roman Shower JUST like a normal shower but the walk-in access provides easier access for cleaning, especially the bath area. No more bending over, straining your back.
What is the low angled wall and is this supplied?
The low angled wall is a feature designed to make the bath more comfortable to lie in. It also visually communicates that this is more than just a normal shower.

Your tradesman can build the low angled wall and cover with the rest of the shower walls. You can change the shelf width to suit your installation space.

This wall can also act as the end of your bath, without the full height wall if your bathroom is big or you do not wish to install it in the end niche of your bathroom

Is the walk-in access easy?
Yes. The floor is completely flat outside and inside the shower area with just a small 50-70mm step for the door seal. The door is wide enough to walk through easily; however the current design is not wide enough for a wheelchair.
What warranty am I offered?
The Roman Shower is manufactured to a very high standards under strict quality control. We offer the same 7 year warranty as you would receive for any other building components.
What are the benefits of the Roman Shower?
The Roman Shower saves approx. 1 sq m of space as you do not need an extra area for a bathtub. This can free up considerable space in your bathroom for such things as double basins or extra storage.

You also do not need the extra cost of a bath (average $3,000)

It provides easy walk-in access for showering, especially those with mobility issues. It is suitable for units, apartments, ensuites, hotels, aged-care and regular homes. It is ideal for anyone who showers regularly but likes the occasional bath. It adds resale value to a property as it is classified as both a shower and a bath.